Stubai Alps Ski Tour - Part 1

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On Tuesday, June 8, I took a bus from Innsbruck to Milders (in the Stubaital, or Stubai valley) and walked several hours up a side valley to Oberiss. From there it was about 1.5 hours to the Franz Senn hut where I shared the winter room with a gentleman from England hoping to do some scrambles and a hiker from Poland. On Wendnesday I skied up the glacier to the base of Roderhofspitze, crossed a divide to the base of Shrankogel, and descended to the Amberger hut. I shared the winter room there with two young students from Munich planning to climb the north face of Shrankogel and a group of four hikers from Trier. On Thursday I ascended another glacier to a divide, crossed the upper basin of a second glacier, and stayed in the winter room of Hochstubai Hutte myself. After digging out the entrance from last weeks snowdrifts. On Friday I returned across the glacier to the divide then crossed the upper basin of that glacier to Daunjoch where my friend Peter was waiting. We skied down to the ski area. He had brought some extra supplies for me to continue the tour but the snow was getting really bad and the forecast was poor for a couple days so I returned to town to await better weather for the rest of the tour, which stays high - mostly above 3000 m or so.

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The road to Oberiss, the end of the road and beginning of the trail to the hut, and the view back down the valley from the hut at dusk.
Views up the glacier from just past the Franz Senn hut. Taken about 7 am or so.
Another view up the glacier, a view back down the Obertal where I came from, and a view of a side glacier which can be followed to reach the summit of.
The route up the glacier (staying to the right of the icefall), a view back to Obertal from higher, and Ruderhofspitz.
Ruderhofspitz, Shrankogel twice.
Two panoramas of Shrankogel, a view back up the glacier, a hanging glacier on the side of the valley.
Two views back to Shrankogel and a view up the Sulztalferner with Wild Leek on its right. Route follows the right side of the glacier.
The upper Sulztalferner with the lower butress of a ridge of Wild Leek on the right (with two climbers on it). Two views to Hochstubai hut.
A view from the saddle back to Shrankogel, a panorama, and the drop from the saddle onto the glacier.
The Hochstubai winter room, a view across Solden with its ski runs visible, and a panorama across Solden.
  View of the route across the head of Sulztalferner to Daunjoch, the climb up to Daunjoch.
After waiting out some unsettled weather over the weekend I took the Stubai Gletscher ski area cable car up to the top late in the afternoon on Sunday and spent Monday through Thursday continuing on Part 2.

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