Fairy Meadows Ski Trip

March 13-20, 1999

The area in winter is described in Summits and Icefields as "perhaps the backcountry ski destination in Canada."

"If you are looking for a place to spend a week, telemarking every day on challenging slopes in the best powder, the answer is the Fairy Meadow Hut. The terrain is some of the best at any ACC hut, the snow is great, and the hut is the closest thing the ACC has to a ski lodge (check out the new wood-fired sauna!).

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Reports and Information from 1999

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These summaries are mine, as are all opinions expressed in them and/or any factual errors resulting from writing things up months later. Several people kept journals or planned to write articles but nobody has submitted anything to be posted here. - Jim

Photos and Comments from other groups/trips

Paul took these photos on a previous trip

  • FM1: View looking west from the hut.
  • FM2: Opposite view from FM1. The hut is a tiny white speck in the sparsely wooded hill below and left of center.
  • FM3: Practice slopes.

Photos from "Martin", dates and particulars unknown but it was 1999

A few summer photos from July 31, 1999 when we passed through from Great Cairn

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