The Fairy of the Meadows

Fairy Meadows Ski Trip

March 13-20, 1999

Photo Gallery

About the photos

Steve Oder and Bryan Rhodes both provided diskettes of their photos which were included with the processing, so many of the pictures are theirs. Linda McVetty provided color copies of a few prints and Russ Coombs sent some prints, any of these used were scanned on a flatbed scanner. I have combined several photos per page and in order to conserve disk space and still provide so many photos online I have reduced the photo size and used a high compression on the final jpeg images. All resulting loss of quality is due to this work done on my computer - the original photos were generally very good. The categories are in some cases arbitrary, with some photos fitting into more than one. Decisions on which to put them under were mine.

For those of us who were there the pictures will hopefully spark some clearer images from our memory. For anyone not there, well you have to go on such a trip yourself to fully appreciate it - of course!


Click on the red dot to view a particular photo panel.

Terrain Photos

Go! - A Panorama of the Mt Quadrant ridge in the Gothics
Go! - Views of and across the Granite Glacier
Go! - The route to Friendship Col
Go! - A couple views of good skiing terrain near the hut
Go! - A couple good overviews from the helicopter

Skiing Photos

Go! - Jumping a boulder on the practice slopes (Glacial moraine)
Go! - Some skiing shots on and above the "practice slopes"
Go! - The "Huckfest"

Hut Photos

Go! - A couple shots showing the location of the hut, and weather typical of our week there.
Go! - The namesake windvane and ACC banner.
Go! - A few shots of the inside.
Go! - A few shots of the outside.
Go! - A few views from right outside.
Go! - The roof clearing operation

Helicopter Trip In/Out Photos

Go! - At the hut landing zone.
Go! - The A-Star at the Donald staging area.
Go! - The larger Bell at the hanger.

People Photos

Go! - Where the !*?%^& are we?
Go! - Jim Dagata and Chris Ward
Go! - Jesse and Russ Coombs
Go! - Steve "Manly Man" Oder
Go! - A couple shots of most of the group inside
Go! - Steve Adamson
Go! - A few misc shots

Photos and Comments from other groups/trips

There have been two more Fairy Meadows trips since 1999, each with a photo gallery:

Paul took these photos on a previous trip

  • FM1: View looking west from the hut.
  • FM2: Opposite view from FM1. The hut is a tiny white speck in the sparsely wooded hill below and left of center.
  • FM3: Practice slopes.

A few summer photos from July 31, 1999 when we passed through from Great Cairn

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