The Great Cairn Hut

Great Cairn Mountaineering Trip

July 24-31, 1999

Photo Gallery

About the photos

Walter Giger provided diskettes of his photos which were included with the processing, so some of the pictures are his. My own photos were mostly slides and the developers disks did not come out as well as I'd like. Walter lost some slides due to process errors. Any photos which are not specifically attributed to Walter or myself are mine.

The categories are in some cases arbitrary, with some photos fitting into more than one. Decisions on which to put them under were mine.

For those of us who were there the pictures will hopefully spark some clearer images from our memory. For anyone not there, well you have to go on such a trip yourself to fully appreciate it - of course!


Click on the red dot to view a particular photo.

A few particular photo panels (all by Jim):

- The moods of Sir Sandford - we saw a number of them
- Panorama from Sir Sandford through Silvertip
- Panorama of the Adamant peaks

The area, surrounding terrain

- A few panoramas from up high
- Silvertip Glacier
- The Adamant range
- Alpenglow and full moon over Ravelin and the Sir Sandford Glacier
- Other peaks on the Sir Sandford range ridgeline

Climbing Photos

- Little Blackfriar (photos by Walter)
- Silvertip

The Hike out via Fairy Meadows

- Crossing the lower Adamant Glacier
- Thor Pass
- The Gothics Glacier
- The end of the traverse
- Fairy Meadows

The Helicopter Flight In

- Panel of photos by Walter

People Photos

- A couple photos of Bryan
- A few photos of Linda
- Photos of Walter, Vince and Jim

The Hut

- Views of the Hut (Outside)
- Inside and around the Hut
- Geology around the hut

Photos and Comments from other groups/trips

In January of 2000 we ended up at Great Cairn on a winter trip.

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