Great Cairn Mountaineering Trip

March 19-25, 2000

This was to be a trip to the Grassi hut, but weather conditions were not conducive to getting into the Grassi. So at the last minute we chose to go to Great Cairn instead.

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These summaries are mine, as are all opinions expressed in them and/or any factual errors resulting from writing things up months later. Several people kept journals or planned to write articles but nobody has submitted anything to be posted here. - Jim

Planning Archive

The planning materials are pretty irrelevant since the plan was to go to the Grassi hut. Due to weather that was out of the question via fixed-wing plane and dubious via helicopter from Mica. I was able to identify this as an option, discuss it with the others, and change the logistics (all with no change in cost) in a half day Saturday, mostly from a discussion with Alpine Helicopter while they were grounded at the Fairy Meadows (et al) staging area Saturday.

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