Great Cairn Mountaineering Trip

March 19-25, 2000

Photo Gallery

About the Photos

My own photos were mostly slides and the developers disks did not come out as well as I'd like. This process still seemed to be better from print film than from slides at the time. John Pearch provided one roll of photos. He used PhotoWorks film, and they return slides, prints, and (for an extra fee) a CD. Jim Delzer (JD) took APS film which I scanned.


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- A few helicopter photos
- The Hut
- Ice Climbing in front of the Hut

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- Who went
- Our Haworth Glacier tour
- Sir Sandford Glacier Icefall
- Mount Sir Sandford
- Misc Views

Photos and Comments from other groups/trips

In July 1999 we were at Great Cairn on a summer trip.

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