Battle Range Mountaineering

July 27 - August 4, 2001

"Rare indeed is the alpinist who can gaze dispassionately upon the summits of Mt Butters, Moby Dick Mtn, and Mt Proteus, rising nearly 2000 metres in sweeping walls of firm rock and glistening ice from the deep valley of Battle Brook. The sense of remoteness and isolation, of true mountaineering wilderness, is very marked. An area of undeniable grandeur and ruggedness."

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Background Information

Location: The Battle Range is south of Glacier National Park (Canada). The best access is via helicopter. There is not a hut. There is something for everyone in this area - you don't need to be an accomplished or highly experienced alpinist to enjoy this area. In addition to alpine climbing there is plenty of hiking and scrambling and general exploration of this beautiful and remote area.

Reports and Information

Trip Summaries, Reports and Feedback

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Planning Archive

Information which was assembled and posted prior to the trip, including some things on a possible alpine traverse from the Battle Range back to Rogers Pass. This was not done since there was insufficient interest.

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