Blanket Glacier Ski Trip

Archived Trip Report

March 10-18, 2001

"The area receives an average snowfall of 8 m and is unsurpassed with its limitless ski terrain. There are a multitude of treed and open runs near the chalet and glaciated ski runs on the glacier itself. The descent from Blanket peak offers a run of over 1000 vertical metres. "
                                                                                               Summits and Icefields, Chic Scott

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Please note that these pages are an archived report from 2001 and will not reflect any changes made since then. Furthermore, it is not a true review but an archive of a particular trip in 2001.

Background Information

Location: The hut is located just south of Revelstoke BC and the very picturesque Mt Begbie. It is on the west of the Columbia river, putting it in the Monashee range.

Reports and Information

Trip Summary
Safety Summary

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