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Maintained by Jim Frankenfield,

This page began in the early or mid 1990's as a bookmarks page with places to visit someday, hopefully to find some funding for the Avalanche Center which I run. I've become so busy I don't have much time to look for funding but still marginally maintain this page. I receive suggestions and requests for additions, and I know from the logs that others are finding and using this resource.

To those involved in non-profits, I hope this is useful to you!

For suggestions or requests see the note at the bottom of the page.

Starting Points and General Resources:

Grant Information:



Other Useful Resources

Suggestions for Additions

I generally add anything which is suggested which is free and non-commercial and of potential interest to somebody trying to run and/or fund a non-profit. I have denied a few requests from sites which offered costly services as well as pages and sites designed more for marketing than philanthropic assistance. Please feel free to suggest or request a link to something from here. But be aware that at this time I only clean up my personal pages and add or delete things very infrequently. Perhaps as infrequently as once or twice a year. Or less. Do not expect an immediate response. In fact you may not get any response, your suggestion may just eventually appear. Or not.

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