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I - Technical

Fluid interfacial geometry at the pore scale and its effects on characteristic curves

Proceedings of the 14th Annual Hydrology Days. Colorado State University, 1994 - Not available online at this time.

Pore Space Characterization of Wet Snow in the Pendular Regime

Prepared for the Procedings of the International Snow Science Workshop in Banff, 1996.

Volumes and areas of pendular rings with non-zero contact angles

This was accepted for publication in Water Resource Research but a dispute arose when another individual attempted to take credit for much of the work. Since I have no pressures to publish I withdrew the paper and registered the copyrights. (Here is the 1997 copyright notice in Adobe pdf format.)

Snow and Avalanche Physics

An M.Sc. thesis for Physics at Utah State University, 1989

Applied Chaotic Dynamics

A textbook on this topic which was submitted for an M.Sc. degree at Utah State University in 1990. It was proofed by teaching a graduate seminar for engineering and physics students through the Physics department. The Water Resources Lab continued using it for quite a few years after the initial seminar.

II - Administrative

Building Community Support and Diversifying Funding for Avalanche Forecasting

Prepared for the International Snow Science Workshop - Snowbird UT, 1994

III - Avalanches - General Interest / Recreation

Snow Stability and Avalanches

Adapted for the web from a five part series which appeared in the "Rambler", a publication of the Wasatch Mountain Club in Utah. Published in 1995.

Avalanche Awareness for Snowmobilers

Originally written for Snowmobiling ONLINE which is not online anymore. There is also a shorter version printed by Rocky Mountain Powersports. Published c. 1997.

IV - General Interest, Internet/Web

Web Graphics

E-Mail Lists

Both were originally written in 1996 for PEAK Connections, a former publication of PEAK, Inc., an ISP in Corvallis, Oregon. They are primarily of archival interest since so much has changed since that time.

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