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A few science-related sites:

Professional Organizations: Snow, Ice, and Glacier related sites:

The Employment Situation and the State of Science

Editorial on Peer Review ; Reply ; My Own Experience

Worst Science Jobs - Postdoc (From Popular Science)
Guide to Careers in Engineering and Computer Science

NAS Report on Reshaping Graduate Education
Comments on the NAS Report from the Young Scientists Network (YSN)

Article - "Is there a Hard Money Future After Graduate School?"
Article - "Publications, Peer Review, and the Young Scientist"

An excerpt of the Unabombers manifesto (from the YSN Digest)
The Full Text of the Unabombers manifesto

Supply and Demand

Science (and Academic) Humor

A few comics, scanned cartoons and jokes collected from here and there.

Snow and Ice - Links and Articles

This is really my own primary area of interest within science. Sometimes people have e-mailed me links to technical articles on these subjects; this page serves as a shared bookmark list for these links.

Rocket Science

MX Rocket Motor 2nd Stage Test (Thiokol, Utah)
Space Shuttle Blowing Up
Shuttle Launch as seen from the Space Station
Discover the Discovery - Assembling the Space ShuttleOpens in New Window

Science and Engineering Related Photos (General Interest)

These are some images which have come my way at some point, usually via e-mail that was forwarded all over the place. I've saved them here because I feel they are of general interest but science related.

Some Fun Stuff

Other Physics and Engineering Resources

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