Fairy Meadows
Ski Trip

March 30 - April 6, 2002

Hut Information

ACC General Information about the hut:

Built in 1965 by the ACC as a project proposed and largely overseen by William Putnam, the hut has since seen extensive renovations which have transformed the two-storey wooden building into a deluxe backcountry destination indeed! With a complete propane system which includes an oven for baking, two very efficient woodstoves and a fully stocked cooking area, comfort is guaranteed. There is sleeping space for 20 on the second level and a spacious common room with adequate space for hanging gear. A large and very hot wood-burning sauna is an absolute treat on those clear, cold winter nights! In winter access is via helicopter.

From Info Mailed by the ACC for our 1999 Trip:

It is a 2-story wooden building last renovated (completely) in 1992. In 1994 a wood-fired sauna accomodating ten people was added. It is a "wet" sauna so bring soap and shampoo.

It is well supplied with kitchen utensiles but apparently lacks a cappucino maker :(

Water is available 100 m away. Carrying it that distance saves a great deal of fuel over melting snow.

Wood is on a deck in front and also by the sauna. There is a supplementary supply which gets buried and may need to be dug out if it is needed.

Plenty of tools (wood cutting/splitting and shoveling) are available.

The outhouse is a short scenic walk away, as is the sauna. In the same general direction but not next to each other!

The hut is not maintained between groups, and the outhouse contents are flown out only once at the end of the season (at great cost). It is necessary to keep garbage bagged (do not put into latrine!) and bring it out, and to thoroughly clean up the hut before leaving it.

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