Fairy Meadows
Ski Trip

March 30 - April 6, 2002

Who Went

Iain Morris - Portland, Oregon. Mountaineer, active member of Corvallis Mountain Rescue. Has gone on a couple of summer trips to the Clemenceau Icefields and the Battle Range. Has only been skiing on randonee gear for one year and accomplished quite a bit on this trip, most notably the traverse to Great Cairn with Jim.

Jim Frankenfield - Organizer. Runs the CSAC Avalanche Center. Skier and mountaineer, usually on telemark gear unless skiing in climbing boots.

Scott Lockert, Brian Hennessy and Chris Haverty - A group of three from Seattle and Portland. Two were Randonee and one was Telemark.

Kathryn Steber - From Calgary, having recently moved there from the West Kootenay region. A randonee skier. She joined the group at the last minute, filling one of the vacancies noted below.


Rick Johnson, WD Frank, and Kim Braden - Rick and WD were on the Blanket Glacier trip last year. Very strong Randonee skiers from Yakima, Washington. These three were paid up but just never appeared in Golden.

Kimber Almond - Rick had reserved four spots, Kimber being the fourth. He never paid a deposit, and was in one week and out the next. Has no e-mail so most communication was via Rick who booked the spot. In the end Kathryn bought out his spot. Kimber is from Salt Lake.

Peggy Vogue - Peg had enthusiatically signed on early in the fall. As the trip approached her payment hadn't been received, then her e-mail bounced. When I called on the phone I spoke to somebody who informed me she had been killed in a car accident. This was a bit of a shock, and the spot was never rebooked by anyone else.

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