Fairy Meadows

April 9 - 15, 2005

Who Went

Jim Frankenfield - Myself, organizer. This is my third trip to the hut, all on trips I organized. On the previous two I explored the area towards Friendship Col, climbed Pioneer and Sentinel, and made the long tour to the Great Cairn hut.

Cathy Korven - Kimberly, BC - Food Planning and Cooking Management. Cathy handled our food planning and the kitchen management for the trip. Everyone was extremely pleased with her services.

Alana E. - Corvallis, OR - Alana has skied, snowboarded and climbed for a long time and took a Level 1 avalanche class in Valdez last year. She's also taken glacier travel instruction and recently climbed the volcanoes in Mexico.

Jesse and Tommy Coombs - Jesse was interested in selling these two spaces but it was late and there were no takers. We're glad these two could join us, and they had such a good time they must have been glad to be able to go in the end.

Tim Place, Jeff Haddox, Steven Heathers - These three signed up together and live in Washington state. Tim went to Fairy Meadows in 2004 and has a lot of video which is linked to on the main trip page.

Carl Menconi, Mark Ryan - These two signed up together and are from Washington and Boise, ID respectively.

David Payer, Jim Varney, John Violette - David is from Fairbanks and Jim and John are friends of his from NH and CT respectively. David is a tele skier who took the same Avalanche I class in Valdez as Alana so those two had met and skied together for a day there.

Garth Irwin, Glenn Bailey, Peter Aitchison - These three guys are from Manitoba and signed up together.

Rodney Olleck, Heinz and Emilie Berger - Rodney is from Chilliwack BC and knows Tim Place. He invited Heinz and Emilie Berger who signed up shortly after he did.

Tom Szwedko - From Colorado. Signed up late when a space became available due to Cathy's son deciding not to accompany her.

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