2004 Stubai Alps Ski Tour - Part 1

Jim Frankenfield; snowman@csac.org; 1-877-604-0166

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This is a view up a side glacier called the VerborgenenBerg Ferner which leads to Wilder Turm and with a bit more travel beyond that to Wildes Hinterbergl (3288m). I took this for future reference or for the interest of others since the book "Alpine Ski Mountaineering; Volume 2: Central and Eastern Alps" by Bill O'Conner allows an extra night at the Franz Senn hut in order to have a day trip to the summit of Wildes Hinterbergl via this route with a return either the same way or via the more crevassed Berglasferner (the latter being a better option earlier in the year on non-solo tours).

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