The Fairy of the Meadows

Fairy Meadows Ski Trip

March 13-20, 1999

Who Went

Steve Adamson - Eugene, Oregon.

Bryan Rhodes - Olympia, Washington.

Chris Ward - Corvallis, Oregon. Discovered that cous-cous can be used in place of brown sugar for sweetening tea. Quickly discovered the hotest night spot in Golden, along with Jim F. The one Carol from Canadian Helicopters described as "the only one with a pole on its stage".

Steve Oder - Corvallis, Oregon. Dubbed "manly man" by Linda, who needed a manly task done. (She offered the title and Steve took it. The task got done.)

Jesse Coombs - Corvallis, Oregon. Won the Rock and Roll trivia question at one of the Golden bars (not the one with the pole) on Sat night while we were waiting for flyable weather. (But he got the answer from Steve O.)

Russ Coombs - New Jersey. Demonstrated an ability to jump over old hippies in a single bound.

Paul and Tere Marcell - Colorado. Had been to Fairy Meadows twice before. Paul taught Jesse that "over and out" is not a proper radio command and that "Good night dear" is better. So Jesse now ends communications this way.

Jim Dagata - Corvallis, OR. Brought a snowboard and was therefore often designated the "avalanche poodle" or offered some other title by the skiers. (But what else would a boarder expect amongst so many skiers?)

Jim Frankenfield - Organizer. Earned the title of "cornice poodle" after demonstrating how to find them in white light conditions. (Don't try this at home, or unsupervised ) (See also Chris Ward)

Linda McVetty - Camp caterer. Eileen Phillips took care of much of the planning and preparation but was unable to fly into the hut for the week. So Linda came on the trip and did a great job of feeding us all really well. The other group later dubbed her "big air woman" for her efforts on the "huckfest" jump outside the hut.

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