Battle Range Mountaineering

July 27 - August 4, 2001

Who Went

Jim Frankenfield - Organizer

Iain Morris - Portland, OR - A member of Corvallis Mountain Rescue and the Oregon Mountaineering Association. Frequent climbing partner of Jims.

Chris Bessonette - Portland, OR - Also a member of the Oregon Mountaineering Association. This was his first true alpine mountaineering trip although he had taken a course through NOLS in a previous summer.

Dick Tucker, Dave and Lois Legg - Albany, NY - The hiking and scrambling group. They covered a lot of ground, mostly avoiding anything technical. They did spend one day on a glacier trying out crevasse rescue techniques. One key conclusion was that it is not a good idea to read the book and assume you can do it right without such a practice session. Dick is a backcountry skiing friend and occassional partner of Jims, and one of the more knowledgeable locals in upstate New York on the local avalanche hazards and history.

John Hicks - Texas - Came from Colorado where he had done some things first. One of his first comments was "Wow, this isn't Colorado" (as in "Things are a lot bigger!). John enjoys cooking and his willingness to help with meals was a great asset. No need for an official cook with John along!

Lyn Batchelor - Corvallis, OR - Lyn did some relatively short hiking but thoroughly enjoyed her first helicopter trip into the middle of nowhere for a week. She helped with the planning and acquisition of group camp supplies and also with the main camp organization when we first arrived (since she knew what we had and where it was better than anyone else).

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