Blanket Glacier Ski Trip

March 10-18, 2001

Food and Menu Info

The Cook

Our cook for this trip was James Hamaker of the Tacoma area. He has written a cookbook called "The One Pot Gourmet". His related experience includes group food/meal planning for Denali, the Spearhead and Garabaldi Traverses, and extended trips in Europe. Some expeditions and mini-expeditions were base-camp/hut, others completely self-supported. In college he cooked for a dozen people at least once a week. Most of his family has some type of dietary restriction, so he is accustomed to making substitutions when necessary.

The food planning and the kitchen organization all went very smoothly. While last minute on-site menu changes are always required we actually ate pretty much what was planned and posted on the menu. Quantities came out pretty well and we brought out some left over supplies (which is good, in case we had been delayed leaving for some reason) but not too much.

The Menu

This was the preliminary menu but pretty accurately reflects what we had to eat during the week. This was translated to html from MS Excel, and there may be a few errors from that process.

Sat Mar 10 Dinner salad, (clam) pasta alfredo
  Dessert fruit
Sun Mar 11 Breakfast Denver omlet
  Dinner stir-fry
  Dessert fruit salad
Mon Mar 12 Breakfast banana bread, rice pudding
  Dessert cheese cake
Tues Mar 13 Breakfast blinze
  Dinner burrito, stew
  Dessert carrot cake
Wed Mar 14 Breakfast Spanish omlet, zuchini/carrot bread
  Dinner lentil chili, bread herb
  Dessert custard
Thur Mar 15 Breakfast crepe
  Dinner ethiopian
  Dessert cookies
Fri Mar 16 Breakfast pancake, bacon, pumpkin bread
  Dinner pizza/ calzone, bread sour dough
Sat Mar 17 Breakfast 7-grain cerial
  Dinner gado-gado
  Dessert bread pudding
Sun Mar 18 Breakfast cinnamon rolls
  Dinner bread w/w (??)

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