The Great Cairn Hut

Great Cairn Mountaineering Trip

July 24-31, 1999

Safety Info

Safety (Pre-trip Info)

This trip is unguided and you are responsible for your own safety. In the case of an incident of some kind you may also find yourself responsible for a partners rescue/well-being. This is a long way in, an outside response will most likely be measured in days. A VHF radio will be available in the hut. A larger first aid kit will also be brought and kept in the hut, although it is not intended to replace personal first aid kits.

Of particular concern are glacier hazards, especially crevasses. Very little is accessible without travel across significant glaciers. Learn about basic crevasse rescue/extrication if you don't have that skill already. Take a class and get some practice before this trip - this is not the place to learn glacier travel and crevasse rescue from scratch. Remember that there is more to crevasse rescue than setting up a Z-pulley, especially if travelling as a team of two.

The trip out may take two days in which case the first day will be a long one across several large glaciers. We will do this as a group but you should feel comfortable with the prospect. If not then do not sign up to go.

I will be teaching a crevasse rescue class in July, partly in preparation for this trip. Contact me for details if you feel you would benefit from this.

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