Fairy Meadows
Ski Trip

March 30 - April 6, 2002

Photo Gallery

About the Photos

All photos are mine, nobody else ever submitted any for posting. The photos are organized by day for this trip.

April 1 - Our groups short tour up the Granite Glacier to the base of Pioneer Pass.

April 2 - Our groups longer tour up to Friendship Col, straight across Gothics Glacier to Fria Col, then around the south margin past Thor Pass to Pioneer Peak and up that. Half of us continued on to climb Sentinel on the way back.

April 3 - A rest day with everyone doing their own thing, generally making turns on shorter slopes near the hut.

April 4 - Photos from the classic tour over to Great Cairn hut, done by Iain and myself.

Photos and Comments from other groups/trips

There have been two other Fairy Meadows trips since 1999, each with a photo gallery:

Paul took these photos on a previous trip
  • FM1: View looking west from the hut.
  • FM2: Opposite view from FM1. The hut is a tiny white speck in the sparsely wooded hill below and left of center.
  • FM3: Practice slopes.
A few summer photos from July 31, 1999 when we passed through from Great Cairn

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